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Milk Processing Plant (1kl and above)
Gourav process solutions offers Dairy Plant that includes small milk processing equipment for handling milk in litter capacity of 1000LPD -1,00,000LPD. A number of products like ghee, butter, cream, toned milk, double toned milk, skimmed milk can be manufactured.


Milk is first received in a dump tank from the road milk tankers. It is then chilled in a chilling unit to 4°C. This chilled milk is then pasteurized in a milk pasteurizer and the cream is separated from the milk by the cream separator to get skimmed milk. Milk is standardized depending on the requirement of toned milk, double toned milk, skimmed milk or full cream milk. The separated cream is further processed to manufacture ghee and butter. The pasteurized skimmed milk, toned milk or double toned milk is sent for packing in pouches in the packing machine for various capacities like 1/2 kg, 1 kg pouches. The plant will be in operation for 20 hours in a day.

Milk Evaporator
Condense milk is widely needed by customers for varity of reasons for which Gourav Process Solutions offer unique and advanced designs of multiple falling film evaporators. The feed is concentrated up to 45-48% solid concentration in Multiple Effects Falling Film Evaporator with Thermal Vapour Recompression System (T.V.R). Evaporation of water takes place under vacuum conditions and at low temperature. A Five Effect Falling Film Evaporator with TVR over 3rd effect will have specific steam consumption of 0.12 kg/kg whereas a seven effect plant with TVR over 4th effect gives specific steam consumption of 0.09 kg/kg which is equivalent to energy consumption in MVR (mechanical vapour recompression)evaporator


Advantages of Gourav Process Solution evaporator
»  Compact design and flexibility in operation.
»  Energy conservative design of powder plant.
»  Lower requirement of Steam, power and cooling water requirement.
»  No scale formation in tubes, needs only CIP from balance tank for cleaning.
»  Fewer breaks down time.

Milk Powder Plant
Spray dryer plays pivotal part in the whole powder plant. During the process it removes excess water present in the free form between the particles of the dry solids. Dried powder particles, along with moisture-laden exhaust air from the drying chamber, are processed through cyclone separators. The combination of multiple effect evaporators, spray dryer with fines recirculation system and use of a Fluid Bed, produces powder with extremely good solubility called instant powder.


Clean In place line
We provide whole C.I.P section as well as tanks. If needed have supplied PLC base C.I.P sections to dairies. Ranges from 3kl – 30kl and above.

Cleaning in Place (CIP) has been around for approximately 50 years, and is commonly used in hygiene critical industries, such Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical, to clean a wide range of plant. CIP refers to the use of a mix of chemicals, heat and water to clean machinery, vessels or pipe work without dismantling plant. The process can be one shot, where everything goes to drain, or recovery, which recycles most of the liquid. Overall, CIP can be a very efficient way of cleaning. We provide customized plants as per customer requirement


Beverage Plant (Bear / Juice etc)

We have with us extensive experience in successfully handling the production demands of fruit juice processing plants. Here, the involved production and fabrication process is closely based on the understanding gained by us in the design & manufacturing process including years of R&D efforts which have allowed us to come up with processing machines that deliver processed fruit juice which has in it superior physical and aromatic characteristics along with high quality color and clearness in the processed extract. Here, the complete line of fruit juice processing plants offered meet the processing needs of fruits like apple, mango, orange and are made available in operating capacities from 1 Ton/day to 200 Ton/day.


Gourav Process Solutions Products

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